01. An aide read a prepared [statement] saying that the President would not be answering any questions until he received further information.
02. All general [statements] are false.
03. Our recent financial [statement] shows that we are doing quite well.
04. The Anti-Poverty Coalition has issued a public [statement] calling on the government to increase its support for social programs in this country.
05. In an official [statement], the leaders of the two nations pledged their support for a continuation of the peace talks.
06. The accused gave a written [statement] to the police confessing to the crime.
07. The IRA has issued a [statement] denying any responsibility for the bomb explosion which occurred in a London department store today.
08. The parents of the victim submitted a written [statement] to the judge regarding the impact of their son's death on their lives.
09. The government Minister was forced to resign after making racist [statements] to the media.
10. She made a real fashion [statement] with her tattoos and her piercings.
11. You need a good, interesting opening [statement] for your essay.
12. We receive a bank [statement] once a month outlining the deposits and withdrawals we have made for the period.
13. William Fulbright once said, "The biggest lesson I learned from Vietnam is not to trust our own government [statements]."
14. Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin once joked, "I only understand positive [statements] in English."
15. You will receive a full [statement] for your purchases at the time of delivery.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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